Public Masses during Covid-19 Pandemic

Everyone might agree that the pandemic forced us to start living a new “normal”. Almost every aspect of our lives changed, either it was the way we do groceries, go shopping, or even attend public masses.

Before Covid-19 arrived, we used to go to church every Sunday and join our community to celebrate “The Lord’s Day” as well as what we consider the first day of the week. Church is not just a place you get to go on Sundays, but rather, it is somewhere many could call home. It is where we get to gather with people who are also walking through spiritual journeys. As says, “We are not created by God to live alone. Living in community is an essential expression of who we are. But Community does not just happen – it is something that men and women must work together to develop.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, we had to stop attending church, receiving communion, and getting together as a community. We had to stay home safe. Thanks to our advanced technology, many churches were able to live stream their masses on different digital platforms. But we still missed two important elements, the community and the Eucharist. We don’t go to mass only to hear the corresponding readings from the Scripture or the priest’s homily. We also go to partake of Holy Communion because it reminds us of the amount of love Jesus has for us.

Now that the churches are finally opened and we can attend public masses again, there is a decrease in the number of people who are physically going. Safety is very important today and that is why every Church is taking strict measures to make people feel comfortable coming to Church. But let’s not forget God comes first, always. We have to trust Him and believe He will help us through these difficult times.

Therefore, I want to invite you to come next Sunday to mass, and the following, and the following after that. Come and receive Holy Communion and share with your community safely.

Author; Valentina Figueroa

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