Christianity celebrates the Magi in January.

Bishop Baron asks Who Were the Magi? His answer is brilliant...

“In the chapter Mathew 2:1-12 we’re introduced to the “wise men”, often described as Magi or astrologers, who are seeking out a foreign king.

In many ways, this is a microcosm of God’s plan for humanity.

The Old Testament reveals how God chose Israel to be especially his own, a priestly people, a holy nation. But the reason for this choice was not to glorify Israel over against the other nations; rather, it was to make of Israel a beacon to the world, so that through Israel all might be gathered to himself.

Similarly, the wise men are seeking a king, born for the Jews, but he wouldn’t be for the Jews alone. This Messiah would be the King of kings, a light to all nations.

How wonderful that the sign of this King’s birth should be a star, something that can be clearly seen by every nation and from any nation.

And when the Magi saw it, they were willing to leave their own country behind.

Then, after greeting the newborn King, they went back to their own country, but they went back by a different route. This is a biblical sign that they were changed. They would remain Babylonians, but they had become citizens of a higher country.

They couldn’t return by the same path...”

José C. V. Cardoso

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