Brandon Vogt, a bestselling author of ten books

Tells a story of his talking with a young man who expressed interest in reading the Bible for the first time, and he asked where to begin. Should he start from Genesis and pole through the whole text? Or instead begin with the shortest book? Maybe the easiest book? Brandon told him that any of those approaches would work, but he recommended he start with the four Gospels, which recount the life and teachings of Jesus. Brandon explained to the young man that Jesus of Nazareth - the strange, beguiling Jewish carpenter who claimed to be the Son of God, performed miracles, and then rose from the dead - stands at the center of the Bible’s entire story. Brandon went on saying that everything before the Gospels points to Jesus, everything reflects on Him. So there’s no better place to start in the Bible than the Gospels.

José C. V. Cardoso

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