You will be seated by an usher - Please follow all directions of the ushers, seating is arranged by social distancing, and families sit together.

Image of pews
Social distancing poster
image of inside church with ropes for social distancing

How you will Receive Communion at St James 

image of person sitting in pew
keep mask on image

Stay in your place

Keep your mask on

A minister of communion will move to the pews to distribute communion

Lower your mask before receiving communion, Consume the host and put your mask back on.

lower your mask to receive communion image

Existing is marked and the Ushers will direct row by row. Once again follow the ushers directions.

Picture of the inside doors of church
image of the arrows o follow on the floor

At all masses or pastoral activities please be prepared for all of the above rules and restrictions that take place to help prevent the spread of covid-19.

When entering the Church - Please wear MASK (its the law)
You will be asked your information. Hands are sanitized before entering.